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Phone Directory: 762 Area Code

About the 762 Area Code

What timezone is Clarke, GA

Eastern Standard Time
June 10, 2023, 1:08 pm
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Cities Located in the 762 Area Code

The 762 area code covers the cities of Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Dalton, La Grange, Martinez, and Rome.

Background of the 762 Area Code

The 762 area code is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the state of Georgia. It was created in 2000 as an overlay to the existing 404, 470, and 678 area codes. The 762 area code covers parts of northern and central Georgia, including the cities of Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Rome, Savannah, and Valdosta.

(762) Area Code - Industries:

The 762 area code is home to many industries that contribute to the economy of Georgia. These include agriculture, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, finance and insurance services. Agriculture is one of the largest industries in this region with major crops such as cotton, peanuts and pecans being grown here. Manufacturing also plays a large role in this region with companies such as John Deere and Caterpillar having plants located here. Technology has become increasingly important in recent years with companies like AT&T and Microsoft having offices located within this area code. Healthcare is another major industry with hospitals such as St. Mary's Hospital in Athens providing medical care to residents of this region. Finally, finance and insurance services are also prevalent here with companies such as Bank of America and Allstate Insurance having offices located within this area code.

(762) Area Code - Universities & Colleges:

The 762 area code is home to several large universities and colleges that provide educational opportunities for students from all over the world. The University of Georgia is located in Athens and is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. Other notable universities include Augusta University in Augusta; Columbus State University in Columbus; Mercer University in Macon; Shorter University in Rome; Savannah State University in Savannah; and Valdosta State University in Valdosta. Each university offers a variety of degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to doctoral degrees.

(762) Area Code - Unique Facts:

One unique fact about the 762 area code is that it was created due to population growth within its boundaries which caused an increase demand for phone numbers. Another interesting fact about this region is that it contains some of the oldest cities in Georgia such as Athens which was founded by settlers from England back in 1785. Additionally, this region contains some of the most beautiful natural scenery found anywhere with places like Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge located near Waycross providing visitors with breathtaking views of nature at its finest.

(762) Area Code - Famous People:

The 762 area code has been home to many famous people throughout history including former President Jimmy Carter who was born just outside Plains; singer Ray Charles who grew up near Albany; actor Samuel L Jackson who was born near Chattanooga Valley; musician Little Richard who grew up near Macon; author Flannery O'Connor who lived her entire life near Milledgeville; actress Julia Roberts who was born just outside Smyrna; rapper Ludacris who grew up near College Park; singer Usher Raymond IV who grew up near Chattanooga Valley; actor Tyler Perry who was born just outside Newnan; and actress Reese Witherspoon who grew up near Nashville.

(762) Area Code - Tourist Attractions:

The 762 area code provides tourists with plenty of attractions to explore during their visit including historical sites such as Andersonville National Historic Site near Andersonville which commemorates those held prisoner during the Civil War or Fort Pulaski National Monument near Savannah which marks where Union forces tested rifled cannons during battle against Confederate forces during the Civil War era . Nature lovers can explore places like Cloudland Canyon State Park near Rising Fawn which features stunning views from Lookout Mountain or Tallulah Gorge State Park near Tallulah Falls which offers spectacular views from its suspension bridge across Tallulah Gorge .

Carriers and Phone Prefixes in the 762 Area Code

Prefix City Type Carrier Introduced

(762) 200-XXXX

Hamilton,GA Landline Neutral Tandem 03/02/2016

(762) 201-XXXX

Dalton,GA Wireless New Cingular Wireless 06/28/2008

(762) 202-XXXX

Chatsworth,GA Wireless Metro 03/24/2009

(762) 203-XXXX

Carnesville,GA Landline Etc Communications 09/19/2014

(762) 204-XXXX

Calhoun,GA Landline Teleport Communications America 04/30/2008

(762) 206-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel 06/27/2008

(762) 207-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless Verizon 06/08/2009

(762) 208-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless Powertel Atlanta Licenses 10/23/2009

(762) 209-XXXX

Dalton,GA Wireless Metro 03/25/2009

(762) 210-XXXX

Blue Ridge,GA Wireless Verizon 01/10/2015

(762) 212-XXXX

Waynesboro,GA Wireless Powertel Atlanta Licenses 01/28/2014

(762) 213-XXXX

Comer,GA Landline Mci Worldcom Communications 03/14/2016

(762) 214-XXXX

Eastanollee,GA Landline Mci Worldcom Communications 03/25/2016

(762) 215-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Alec 06/10/2009

(762) 217-XXXX

Commerce,GA Wireless Powertel Atlanta Licenses 01/25/2017

(762) 218-XXXX

Augusta,GA Wireless New Cingular Wireless 11/04/2009

(762) 219-XXXX

Dalton,GA Wireless Verizon 01/09/2015

(762) 220-XXXX

Eatonton,GA Landline Hargray 09/17/2015

(762) 221-XXXX

Hephzibah,GA Landline Centurylink Communications 09/23/2015

(762) 222-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Deltacom 02/22/2012

(762) 223-XXXX

Helen,GA Landline Etc Communications 10/10/2014

(762) 224-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Peerless Network 05/26/2016

(762) 225-XXXX

Waynesboro,GA Landline 06/17/2016

(762) 226-XXXX

Dalton,GA Landline Rtc Solutions 11/04/2016

(762) 227-XXXX

Jasper,GA Wireless Verizon 04/19/2017

(762) 228-XXXX

Cleveland,GA Landline Windstream Standard 06/10/2016

(762) 230-XXXX

Clarkesville,GA Wireless New Cingular Wireless 03/31/2009

(762) 231-XXXX

Dalton,GA Wireless Verizon 03/11/2010

(762) 232-XXXX

Braselton,GA Landline Us Lec 07/12/2010

(762) 233-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline 10/10/2008

(762) 234-XXXX

Athens,GA Landline Us Lec 02/09/2017

(762) 235-XXXX

Rome,GA Landline Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel 03/09/2017

(762) 236-XXXX

Crandall,GA Landline AT&T 03/16/2010

(762) 241-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless Powertel Atlanta Licenses 05/12/2009

(762) 243-XXXX

Greensboro,GA Landline Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel 12/31/2009

(762) 244-XXXX

Commerce,GA Landline Etc Communications 04/26/2017

(762) 245-XXXX

Matthews,GA Wireless Verizon 01/18/2010

(762) 252-XXXX

Cave Spring,GA Landline 06/30/2015

(762) 255-XXXX

White Plains,GA Landline Broadriver Communication Corporation 01/21/2009

(762) 263-XXXX

Commerce,GA Landline Centurylink Communications 04/07/2017

(762) 272-XXXX

Cherry Log,GA Landline Etc Communications 02/21/2014

(762) 277-XXXX

Carnesville,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 03/02/2017

(762) 278-XXXX

Rutledge,GA Landline 06/16/2014

(762) 302-XXXX

Eastanollee,GA Landline Etc Communications 10/01/2014

(762) 319-XXXX

Thomaston,GA Landline Georgia Windstream 07/16/2015

(762) 323-XXXX

Lagrange,GA Wireless Verizon 11/18/2009

(762) 329-XXXX

Summerville,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 03/02/2015

(762) 333-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Deltacom 11/10/2008

(762) 337-XXXX

Matthews,GA Landline Mci Worldcom Communications 03/13/2017

(762) 338-XXXX

Royston,GA Wireless Verizon 02/17/2010

(762) 339-XXXX

Homer,GA Landline Etc Communications 10/07/2014

(762) 348-XXXX

Toccoa,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 05/04/2015

(762) 349-XXXX

Young Harris,GA Landline Etc Communications 01/30/2014

(762) 354-XXXX

Appling,GA Wireless AT&T 02/09/2011

(762) 359-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless New Cingular Wireless 11/04/2009

(762) 383-XXXX

Augusta,GA Wireless Verizon 03/11/2010

(762) 400-XXXX

Athens,GA Landline Neutral Tandem 04/20/2017

(762) 408-XXXX

Columbus,GA Landline Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel 11/26/2013

(762) 435-XXXX

Monticello,GA Landline AT&T 12/30/2009

(762) 436-XXXX

Commerce,GA Wireless Powertel Atlanta Licenses 04/13/2010

(762) 441-XXXX

Pine Mountain,GA Landline 04/17/2015

(762) 444-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Georgia Business Net Telecommunications 02/15/2008

(762) 445-XXXX

Greensboro,GA Landline Hargray 09/04/2015

(762) 448-XXXX

Jasper,GA Wireless Verizon 07/10/2014

(762) 465-XXXX

Stephens,GA Landline Centurylink Communications 04/07/2017

(762) 475-XXXX

Glascock,GA Unknown 09/22/2017

(762) 499-XXXX

Athens,GA Landline Etc Communications 09/19/2014

(762) 500-XXXX

Young Harris,GA Landline Etc Communications 10/12/2010

(762) 524-XXXX

Columbus,GA Landline AT&T 12/30/2009

(762) 525-XXXX

Blairsville,GA Wireless Verizon 06/15/2017

(762) 533-XXXX

Elberton,GA Landline 12/12/2014

(762) 550-XXXX

La Fayette,GA Landline Georgia Windstream 04/22/2015

(762) 572-XXXX

Woodbury,GA Landline Neutral Tandem 05/19/2016

(762) 583-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless Public Service Wireless Services 08/29/2012

(762) 585-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Broadvox 01/09/2013

(762) 667-XXXX

Royston,GA Landline Broadvox 06/16/2015

(762) 675-XXXX

Harlem,GA Landline 06/05/2015

(762) 685-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Centurylink Communications 07/23/2015

(762) 689-XXXX

Trion,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 03/02/2017

(762) 728-XXXX

Athens,GA Landline Alec 12/07/2009

(762) 735-XXXX

Lavonia,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 04/22/2015

(762) 739-XXXX

Blue Ridge,GA Landline Blue Ridge Telephone Co. 01/03/2017

(762) 777-XXXX

Eatonton,GA Landline Telnyx 02/28/2017

(762) 787-XXXX

Greenville,GA Landline 01/11/2017

(762) 795-XXXX

Lexington,GA Landline Teleport Communications America 05/21/2015

(762) 815-XXXX

Greensboro,GA Landline Teleport Communications America 05/14/2015

(762) 821-XXXX

Columbus,GA Landline Mcc Telephony 03/12/2010

(762) 822-XXXX

Columbus,GA Wireless Verizon 12/09/2009

(762) 847-XXXX

Royston,GA Landline Truvista Communications 08/29/2012

(762) 887-XXXX

Fort Oglethorpe,GA Landline Teleport Communications America 04/30/2008

(762) 888-XXXX

Lagrange,GA Landline Telnyx 02/28/2017

(762) 889-XXXX

Warm Springs,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 04/22/2015

(762) 985-XXXX

Manchester,GA Landline Windstream Georgia Communications Corp. 04/22/2015

(762) 994-XXXX

Augusta,GA Landline Knology 05/20/2014

(762) 999-XXXX

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