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Pacific Bell Telephone Company LandLine/Services in CHICO, CA
Reported between 7/15/2008 and 12/1/2022

(530) 245-0842 - Prior Owners

(530) Area Code - Information:

The 530 area code is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the northern part of California. It covers most of the northern Sacramento Valley, including Redding, Chico, Yuba City, and Oroville. The 530 area code also includes parts of Nevada County and Placer County.

(530) Area Code - Industries:

The 530 area code is home to many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, education, and tourism. Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the region; it produces a variety of crops such as rice, almonds, walnuts, olives, tomatoes, and grapes. Manufacturing is also an important industry in the region; it produces products such as furniture and electronics. Technology companies are also located in the 530 area code; these include Intel Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Company. Healthcare is another major industry in the region; there are several hospitals and medical centers located here. Education is also an important industry in this region; there are several universities and colleges located here including University of California Davis (UC Davis), California State University Chico (CSU Chico), Shasta College, Butte College, Sierra College, Feather River College and Yuba Community College District.

(530) Area Code - Universities & Colleges:

The 530 area code is home to several large universities and colleges. The University of California Davis (UC Davis) is one of the largest universities in the region; it offers undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields such as engineering, business administration, computer science and more. California State University Chico (CSU Chico) is another large university located here; it offers undergraduate degrees in fields such as nursing, psychology and sociology. Shasta College is a community college located here that offers associate's degrees in fields such as business administration and computer science. Butte College is another community college located here that offers associate's degrees in fields such as accounting and criminal justice. Sierra College is yet another community college located here that offers associate's degrees in fields such as engineering technology and health sciences. Feather River College is a two-year college located here that offers associate's degrees in fields such as liberal arts and sciences. Yuba Community College District is a two-year college district located here that offers associate's degrees in fields such as automotive technology and culinary arts.

(530) Area Code - Unique Facts:

The 530 area code was created on October 30th 1997 when it was split off from 916 which had been serving all of Northern California since 1947. It was created due to population growth throughout Northern California which caused phone numbers to become scarce within 916’s boundaries at that time. The 530 area code serves over 1 million people across its coverage area making it one of the larger telephone numbering plans within NANP’s jurisdiction today.

(530) Area Code - Famous People:

The 530 area code has been home to many famous people throughout its history including actors Robert Redford who was born near Chico CA., actor/director Clint Eastwood who grew up near Oroville CA., musician John Fogerty who grew up near El Dorado Hills CA., singer/songwriter Joan Baez who grew up near Redding CA., actor/comedian Robin Williams who grew up near Woodland CA., actress/model Cindy Crawford who grew up near Delevan IL., actor/producer Tom Hanks who grew up near Concord CA., singer/songwriter Taylor Swift who grew up near Reading PA., rapper Eminem who grew up near Warren MI., singer/songwriter Katy Perry who grew up near Santa Barbara CA., actor/director Ben Affleck who grew up near Berkeley CA.

(530) Area Code - Cities Covered:

The 530 area code covers the cities Chico, Davis, Paradise, Redding, South Lake Tahoe, Woodland and Yuba City in the Counties of Butte, Yolo, Shasta, El Dorado and Sutter.

(530) Area Code - Popular Prefixes:

Who currently owns the phone number (530) 245-0842?
The current owner for (530) 245-0842 is Elizabeth Franklin who lives in Redding, CA.

Is (530) 245-0842 a wireless or landline phone?
(530) 245-0842 is a LandLine/Services phone.

What carrier or phone company provides service for (530) 245-0842?
Pacific Bell Telephone Company is the current provider for (530) 245-0842 in Redding, CA.

Is the phone (530) 245-0842 active or disconnected?
(530) 245-0842 appears to be currently connected and working.

Who else has used the phone (530) 245-0842 in the past?
Previous owners of (530) 245-0842 include Tanya Falcon, Tony Perez, James Diehl, Salvador Rabago. is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
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