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We’ve all gotten phone calls from numbers we don’t know. Is it a telemarketer? A wrong number? Or is it that call you’ve been waiting for from a potential significant other? Those nameless digits don’t have to be a mystery anymore. The one quick way to find out who is on the other end of the line is with a reverse phone lookup at Smart Background Checks.


With thousands of sources of data, we can provide the most accurate and up to date information available.


With hundreds of millions of records available spanning nearly 30 years of public records


Every day we process millions of reverse name, address and phone searches

Where Do Our Phone Search Results Come From?

There are billions of public records for hundreds of millions of adults in the United States, including phone numbers and other contact information. Smart Background Checks has access to all of this data. Search for a phone number, and we can pull up all the information associated with it, including past and present owners, the type of phone it is, the name and location of the carrier and much more.

Curious about what “much more” means? Our reverse phone lookup database gives you access to any available background information about the owner. Starting with a phone number, you can find the owner’s name, then their other contact info. Then, if you need it, you can locate deeper background info about them, including property ownership, any bankruptcy filings, if they’ve been arrested, plus a list of people they’re related to and other known associates.

What You Can Do with a Reverse Phone Lookup

It might not seem like much to start with, but you can get a lot of information from a phone number search:

  • Find the name of the person or business who owns the number
  • Locate anyone who’s owned that number in the past
  • If it’s a cell phone or landline
  • Get the street address, email address and other contact information for the owner
  • Use that info to reconnect with old friends or distant relatives
  • Discover other background info about the owner, including criminal records, known relatives and associates, and more
  • Block/stop telemarketer or collection calls
Start your people search today by entering a name in the search fields above. To narrow down your results faster, and make sure you find the exact person you’re looking for, also enter the city and state where they live currently, or where they used to live. Then, Smart Background Checks will get to work gathering all the information you need. Easy as that!

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