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Virginia Eagen years old

30 Camino Alto
Mill Valley CA 94941

1 phones found for Virginia Eagen Mill Valley CA

(415) 383-3492

June 2016 - October 2019
Pacific Bell

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Background Info on Mill Valley,CA

Mill Valley is located on the western and northern shores of Richardson Bay, and the eastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais. Beyond the flat coastal area and marshlands, it occupies narrow wooded canyons, mostly of second-growth redwoods, on the southeastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais. The Mill Valley 94941 ZIP Code also includes the following adjacent unincorporated communities: Almonte, Alto, Homestead Valley, Tamalpais Valley, and Strawberry. The Muir Woods National Monument is also located just outside the city limits.

The first people known to inhabit Marin County, the Coast Miwok, arrived approximately 6,000 years ago. The territory of the Coast Miwok included all of Marin County, north to Bodega Bay and southern Sonoma County. More than 600 village sites have been identified, including 14 sites in the Mill Valley area. Nearby archaeological discoveries include the rock carvings and grinding sites on Ring Mountain. The pre-Missionization population of the Coast Miwok is estimated to be between 1,500 (Alfred L. Kroeber's estimate for the year 1770 A.D.) to 2,000 (Sherburne F. Cook's estimate for the same year). The pre-Missionization population of the Coast Miwok may have been as high as 5000. Cook speculated that by 1848 their population had decreased to 300, and down to 60 by 1880. As of 2011 there are over 1,000 registered members of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria which includes both the Coast Miwok and the Southern Pomo, all of whom can date their ancestry back to the 14 survivors original tribal ancestors.

In Mill Valley, on Locust Avenue between Sycamore and Walnut Avenues, there is now a metal plaque set in the sidewalk in the area believed to be the birthplace of Chief Marin in 1871; the plaque was dedicated on 8 May 2009. The village site was first identified by Nels Nelson in 1907 and his excavation revealed tools, burials and food debris just beyond the driveway of 44 Locust Ave. At that time, the mound was 20 feet (6.1 m) high. Another famous Mill Valley site was in the Manzanita area underneath the Fireside Inn (previously known as the Manzanita Roadhouse, Manzanita Hotel, Emil Plasberg's Top Rail, and Top Rail Tavern, most of which were notorious Prohibition-era gin joints and brothels) located near the intersection of U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1. Built in 1916, the "blind pig" roadhouse was outside the dry limits of the city itself. Shell mounds have been discovered in areas by streams and along Richardson Bay, including in the Strawberry and Almonte neighborhoods.

Beginning with the foundation of Mission San Francisco de Asís, commonly known as Mission Dolores, in 1776, the Coast Miwok of southern Marin began to slowly enter the mission, first those from Sausalito followed by those from areas we now know as Mill Valley, Belvedere, Tiburon and Bolinas. They called themselves the "Huimen" people. At the mission they were taught the Catholic religion, lost their freedom, and three quarters died as a result of exposure to European diseases. As a result of the high death rate at Mission Dolores it was decided to build a new Mission San Rafael, built in 1817. Over 200 surviving Coast Miwok were taken there from Mission Dolores and Mission San Jose, including the 17 survivors of the Huimen Coast Miwok of the Richardson Bay Area. California Missions.

By 1834 the Mission era had ended and California was under the control of the Mexican government. They took Miwok ancestral lands, divided them and gave them to Mexican soldiers or relatives who had connections with the Mexican governor. The huge tracts of land, called ranchos by the Mexican settlers, or Californios, soon covered the area. The Miwoks who had not died or fled were often employed under a state of indentured servitude to the California land grant owners. In 1834, the governor of Alta California José Figueroa awarded to John T. Reed the first land grant in Marin, Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio. Just west of that, Rancho Saucelito was transferred to William A. Richardson in 1838 after being originally awarded to Nicolas Galindo in 1835. John Reed married Hilarita Sanchez, the daughter of a commandante in the San Francisco Presidio. William Richardson also married a well-connected woman; both he and Reed were originally from Europe. Richardson's name was later applied to Richardson Bay, an arm of the San Francisco Bay that brushes up against the eastern edge of Mill Valley. The Richardson rancho contained everything south and west of the Corte Madera and Larkspur areas with the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, and Richardson Bay as the other three borders. The former encompassed what is now southern Corte Madera, the Tiburon Peninsula, and Strawberry Point.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Mill_Valley,California", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsMill Valley/100k peopleCalifornia/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime962449383
Vehicle Theft1283.2425.9237.4
Property Crime2111,4632,4972,362

Land Area22 sq/miles
Water Area1 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units13,172
Median Household Income110,221
Population Density1,372 /mile
Housing Units14,108
Median Home Value1,000,001

Black Or African American3371%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native680%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander590%
Other Race4041%
Two Or More Races1,1893%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma5312%
High School Graduate4,95722%
Associates degree8453%
Bachelors degree8,20036%
Masters degree4,74921%
Professional school degree2,29310%
Doctorate degree7723%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van10,91373%
Public transportation1,0346%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means8905%
Worked at Home1,94413%

Schools Close To Virginia Eagen - Mill Valley
Mill Valley Middle School 425 Sycamore Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Middle/Elementary
Old Mill Elementary 352 Throckmorton Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Park Elementary 360 E. Blithedale Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Tamalpais Valley Elementary 350 Bell Ln. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Strawberry Point Elementary 117 E. Strawberry Dr. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Edna Maguire Elementary 80 Lomita Dr. Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Tamalpais High School 700 Miller Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941 High/Secondary
Marin Horizon School 305 Montford Ave Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Ring Mountain Day School 70 Lomita Dr Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary
Greenwood School 17 Buena Vista Ave Mill Valley, CA 94941 Primary/Elementary

Virginia Eagen - Mill Valley, CA - Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Virginia Eagen live?

A: Virginia Eagen currently lives at 30 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA and has lived there for about year(s).


What is Virginia Eagen phone number?

A: The current phone number for Virginia Eagen is a LandLine/Services at (415) 383-3492.


Does Virginia Eagen have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.


What is the current email address for Virginia Eagen?

A: Virginia Eagen uses the email address most recently.


What other names and aliases has Virginia Eagen used?

A: Virginia Eagen was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: .


How old is Virginia Eagen and what year were they born?

A: Virginia Eagen is years old and was born in 1970.


Who is related to Virginia Eagen?

A: Virginia Eagen is believed to be related to the following people: .


How do I find out if Virginia Eagen has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?

A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as


Who are friends or associates of Virginia Eagen?

A: Virginia Eagen is believed to be friends or associates with:


Where did has Virginia Eagen lived previously?

A: Virginia Eagen has lived in the following cities: Mill Valley, CA


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