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Virginia Elser Burbage 89 years old

54 Maverick St
Marblehead MA 01945

6 more addresses found for Virginia Elser Burbage Marblehead MA:

3 Sherwood Ln
Aston PA 19014

February 2017 - June 2019

221 Robin Hood Ln
Aston PA 19014

November 2002 - July 2016

202 Delaware Cir
Avondale PA 19311

July 2001 - July 2016

221 Robin Hood Ln
Chester PA 19014

January 1996 - January 2017
According to our latest records, Virginia Elser Burbage is 89 years old and born in Aug 1930. Virginia's phone numbers include (610) 494-7946, (610) 453-7599. Virginia's possible relatives include Alyssa Elser, Angelique Elser, Ashley Elser, Harold Burbage, Karen Elser, Laura Elser, Lynn Elser. Virginia's most recently reported address starting in Oct 2019 is 54 Maverick St . Prior to that Virginia lived at 3 Sherwood Ln for less than 1 years. Other cities and locations that Virginia could have lived includes Marblehead,MA, Aston,PA, Kennett Square,PA, Avondale,PA, Chester,PA. We currently show as many as 6 address, 2 phones, 2 email addresses for Virginia Burbage. To see all of the information including property records, possible liens, judgments, court records and much more, click here to unlock the full background report.

2 phones found for Virginia Elser Burbage Marblehead MA

(610) 494-7946

November 2002 - October 2019
Verizon Pennsylvania Inc

(610) 453-7599

December 2009 - February 2017
Sprint Spectrum LP

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2 emails found for Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead, MA:

13 aliases found for Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead, MA

Virginia B Elser

Virginia Elser Burbage

Virginia E Babbage

B Virginia

Virgina E Burbage

Virginia Burbage

Virginia Elser

Virginia B Burbage

Virginia E Elser

Virginia B Babbage

50 relatives found for Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead, MA

Alyssa L Elser

37 years old

Angelique G Elser

42 years old

Ashley V Elser

39 years old

Harold P Burbage

91 years old

Karen Elser

61 years old

Laura L Elser

64 years old

Lynn Elser

68 years old

Paul Bryan Elser

65 years old

Paul Elser

65 years old

Susan M Schuck

64 years old

Ashley V Elser

39 years old

Cynthia M Generosi

43 years old

Harold A Schuck

93 years old

Mark N Schuck

40 years old

Maureen M Schuck

38 years old

Monica S Schuck

38 years old

Susan L Schuck

59 years old

Tyler A Schuck

21 years old

Zachary L Newell

42 years old

Alex N White

41 years old

3 associates found for Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead, MA:

Jessica D Stay

36 years old

Joseph R Stay

64 years old

Karen V Stay

61 years old

Background Info on Marblehead,MA

It is home to the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Crocker Park, Marblehead Light, Fort Sewall, Little Harbor and Devereux Beach. Archibald Willard's famous painting The Spirit of '76 currently resides in Abbot Hall.

A town with roots in commercial fishing, whaling and yachting, Marblehead was a major shipyard and is often referred to as the birthplace of the American Navy, a title sometimes disputed with nearby Beverly. It is also the origin of Marine Corps Aviation. Three US Navy ships have been named USS Marblehead. A center of recreational boating, it is a popular sailing, kayaking and fishing destination. Several yacht clubs were established here in the late 19th century, which continue to be centers of sailing. One of the yacht clubs is called the Corinthian Yacht Club.

Marblehead's first European settler was Joseph Doliber in 1629, who set up on the shore near what is now the end of Bradlee Road. Three years earlier, Isaac Allerton, a Pilgrim from the Mayflower, had arrived in the area and established a fishing village at mid-Marblehead Harbor on the town side, across from Marblehead Neck. This area was set off and incorporated separately in 1649.

Originally called Massebequash- after the river which ran between it and Salem- the land was inhabited by the Naumkeag tribe of the Pawtucket confederation under the overall sachem Nanepashemet. But epidemics in 1615–1619 and 1633, believed to be smallpox, devastated the tribe. On September 16, 1684, heirs of Nanepashemet sold their 3,700 acres (15 km2); the deed is preserved today at Abbot Hall in the city.

At times called "Marvell Head", "Marble Harbour" (by Captain John Smith) and "Foy" (by immigrants from Fowey, Cornwall), the town would be named "Marblehead" by settlers who mistook its granite ledges for marble. It began as a fishing village with narrow crooked streets, and developed inland from the harbor. The shoreline smelled of drying fish, typically cod. These were exported abroad and to Salem.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Marblehead,Massachusetts", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsMarblehead/100k peopleMassachusetts/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime36175358383
Vehicle Theft29.7109.9237.4
Property Crime1557521,4372,362

Land Area4 sq/miles
Water Area3 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units8,144
Median Household Income98,399
Population Density4,516 /mile
Housing Units8,838
Median Home Value565,200

Black Or African American1510%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native220%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander10%
Other Race1150%
Two Or More Races2301%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma2311%
High School Graduate3,26923%
Associates degree8195%
Bachelors degree5,10536%
Masters degree3,24723%
Professional school degree9877%
Doctorate degree2361%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van7,49377%
Public transportation4504%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means6206%
Worked at Home1,00910%

Schools Close To Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead
Marblehead Community Charter Public School 17 Lime Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Middle/Elementary
Elbridge Gerry 50 Elm Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
Glover 9 Maple Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
L H Coffin 1 Turner Rd Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
Malcolm L Bell 40 Baldwin Rd Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
Village School 93 Village Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Middle/Elementary
Marblehead High School 2 Humphrey Street Marblehead, MA 01945 High/Secondary
Marblehead Veterans Middle School 217 Pleasant Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Middle/Secondary
Tower School 75 W Shore Dr Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
Cohen Hillel Academy 6 Community Rd Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary
Devereux School 44 Smith St Marblehead, MA 01945 Primary/Elementary

Virginia Elser Burbage - Marblehead, MA - Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Ms Virginia Elser Burbage live?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage currently lives at 54 Maverick St, Marblehead, MA and has lived there for about year(s).


What is Ms Virginia Elser Burbage phone number?

A: The current phone number for Ms Virginia Elser Burbage is a LandLine/Services at (610) 494-7946.


Does Ms Virginia Elser Burbage have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.


What is the current email address for Ms Virginia Elser Burbage?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage uses the email address most recently.


What other names and aliases has Ms Virginia Elser Burbage used?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: Virginia B Elser, Virginia Elser Burbage, Virginia E Babbage, B Virginia, Virgina E Burbage, Virginia Burbage, Virginia Elser, Virginia B Burbage, Virginia E Elser, Virginia B Babbage.


How old is Ms Virginia Elser Burbage and what year were they born?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage is 89 years old and was born in 1930.


Who is related to Ms Virginia Elser Burbage?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage is believed to be related to the following people: Alyssa L Elser, Angelique G Elser, Ashley V Elser, Harold P Burbage, Karen Elser, Laura L Elser, Lynn Elser, Paul Bryan Elser, Paul Elser, Susan M Schuck.


How do I find out if Ms Virginia Elser Burbage has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?

A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as


Who are friends or associates of Ms Virginia Elser Burbage?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage is believed to be friends or associates with: Jessica D Stay, Joseph R Stay, Karen V Stay


Where did has Ms Virginia Elser Burbage lived previously?

A: Ms Virginia Elser Burbage has lived in the following cities: Marblehead, MA, Aston, PA, Kennett Square, PA, Avondale, PA, Chester, PA


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