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Robert Eugene Smithers JR 49 years old

2098 Seminole Blvd
Largo FL 33778

According to our latest records, Robert Eugene Smithers is 49 years old and born in Feb 1970. Robert's phone numbers include (828) 719-7753, (770) 433-2506, (336) 877-3282. Robert's possible relatives include Teresa Smithers, Cathy Smith, Christine Smith, David Smith. Robert's most recently reported address starting in Jul 2019 is 2098 Seminole Blvd . Prior to that Robert lived at 2168 Soft Pine Ln NW for 12 years. Other cities and locations that Robert could have lived includes Largo,FL, Acworth,GA, Saint Petersburg,FL, Fleetwood,NC, Boone,NC, Smyrna,GA, Tampa,FL, Marietta,GA, Tucker,GA, Canton,GA. We currently show as many as 16 address, 10 phones, 4 email addresses for Robert Smithers. To see all of the information including property records, possible liens, judgments, court records and much more, click here to unlock the full background report.

2168 Soft Pine Ln NW
Acworth GA 30102

December 2003 - September 2016

500 Trinity Ln N
Saint Petersburg FL 33716

November 2015 - July 2016

119 Autumn Ridge Rd
Fleetwood NC 28626

March 2010 - July 2016

304 Madison Ave
Boone NC 28607

October 2006 - July 2016

4115 Kenway Ct SE
Smyrna GA 30082

August 2006 - July 2016

3820 Shoreside Cir
Tampa FL 33624

October 2015 - July 2017

594 Jordan V Cook Rd
Boone NC 28607

November 2007 - July 2016

200 Triumph Ln
Boone NC 28607

September 2006 - July 2016

4596 Valley Pkwy SE
Smyrna GA 30082

January 1990 - January 2017

3487 Sabrina Ct NE
Marietta GA 30066

April 1990 - July 2016

1005 Oak Chase Dr
Tucker GA 30084

January 2000 - July 2016

4596 Valley Pkwy SE
Smyrna GA 30082

May 1998 - July 2016

669096 Po Box
Marietta GA 30066

December 1991 - July 2016

465 Woodridge Ct
Canton GA 30114

September 1992 - January 2017
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10 phones found for Robert Eugene Smithers JR Largo FL

(828) 719-7753

March 2010 - July 2019
New Cingular Wireless - GA

(770) 433-2506

March 2010 - July 2016
Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc dba Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph

(336) 877-3282

February 2010 - May 2019
Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation

(828) 719-7752

January 2019 - April 2019
New Cingular Wireless - GA

(678) 768-5185

July 2017 - August 2017
MetroPCS Inc

(678) 937-9777

March 2016 - July 2016
Sprint Spectrum LP

(770) 966-1339

September 2000 - July 2016
Neutral Tandem-Georgia LLC - GA

(770) 433-4129

June 2007 - July 2016
Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc dba Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph

(770) 434-9638

March 2016 - July 2016
Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc dba Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph

(770) 926-6702

March 2016 - July 2016
Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc dba Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph
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4 emails found for Robert Eugene Smithers JR - Largo, FL:

11 aliases found for Robert Eugene Smithers JR - Largo, FL

Robert E Smithers

Robert Smithers

Rob Smithers

R Smithers

Robert Smethers

Robert Smith

Robert Eugene Smithers

Robert E Smithersjr

38 relatives found for Robert Eugene Smithers JR - Largo, FL

Teresa Jill Smithers

58 years old - Spouse

Cathy J Smith

61 years old

Christine Smith

77 years old

David A Smith

62 years old

David Dain Smith

62 years old

David Harrison Smith

62 years old

David Harold Smith

59 years old

James G Smith

46 years old

Krista N Smith

49 years old

Linda S Smithers

70 years old

Lourdes Best

53 years old

Nadia Jnae Smith

40 years old

Pamela M Gatewood

70 years old

Philip N Smith

45 years old

Robert Daniel Smith

68 years old

Robert L Smith

41 years old

Robert E Smithers

71 years old

Ryan J Smith

32 years old

William John Smith

60 years old

Alison M Smith

45 years old
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10 associates found for Robert Eugene Smithers JR - Largo, FL:

Melinda D Allen

56 years old

Phillip E Allen

61 years old

Vonnie D Ivester

83 years old

Lourdes Castano

53 years old

Taliscia A Castano

29 years old

Angela Jones Daniel

51 years old

Cathy Kennedy Harris

50 years old

Keith F Winter

64 years old

Leigh Winter Spencer

62 years old

Background Info on Largo,FL

Largo was first incorporated in 1905. In 1913, it became the first municipality in Pinellas County to adopt a council-manager government. It switched back and forth from "town" to "city" a few times, and became a city again in 1974. It was an exporter of agricultural products until the 1960s population growth began to transform it into a bedroom community. From 1905 to 2010, Largo grew in area from 9⁄16 square mile (1.5 km2) to about 19 square miles (48 km2), and in population from about 300 people to more than 70,000. Largo began as a rural farming community and became the third largest city in Florida's most densely populated county.

Largo is a sister city to Tosayamada, Kōchi, Japan. In 2007, Largo was named a National Arbor Day Tree City for the 28 year in a row and is the only city in Tampa Bay that is a Sterling Tree City.

The native inhabitants of the Largo area were the Tocobaga Indians. They are also known as the Safety Harbor culture from their archeological remains near present-day Safety Harbor. The Spanish came to Florida in the 16th century. In the 18th century, the Tocobaga had been virtually destroyed after years of exposure to European diseases, Spanish settlement efforts and warfare between Spain and England. The Largo area, like the rest of Pinellas County, was largely deserted. In 1763, Spain transferred sovereignty of Florida to The United Kingdom. In 1783, Florida fell to Spanish sovereignty once again until it was transferred to the United States in 1821. By 1845, a surveyor recorded the location of Lake Tolulu, apparently south of present-day East Bay Drive and roughly where the Largo Central Park Nature Preserve is today.

Later, homesteaders to the Largo area were the families of James and Daniel McMullen around 1852. The McMullens and other settlers raised cattle, grew citrus and vegetables and fished. During the Civil War, many Largo area residents fought for the Confederate States of America. James and Daniel McMullen were members of the "Cow Cavalry" driving Florida cattle to Georgia and the Carolinas to help sustain the war effort. Other area residents served on blockade runners. Still others left the area to serve in the Confederacy's armies. After the war, Largo area residents returned to farming, ranching, and raising citrus. The Orange Belt Railway reached the area in 1888. By this time Lake Tolulu had been renamed Lake Largo, and residents of the community west of the lake adopted the name "Largo".

The Town of Largo was incorporated in 1905. Lake Largo was drained in 1916 to make way for growth and development. Between 1910 and 1930, Largo's population increased about 500%. Then and for decades afterwards, Largo's economy was based on agriculture—citrus groves, cattle ranches, and hog farms, as well as turpentine stills and sawmills. Largo is best remembered as "Citrus City", from the time it was a citrus packing, canning and shipping center.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Largo,Florida", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsLargo/100k peopleFlorida/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime365436408383
Vehicle Theft231275.9204.5237.4
Property Crime2,8563,4112,5122,362

Land Area4 sq/miles
Water Area0 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units6,401
Median Household Income41,549
Population Density3,821 /mile
Housing Units7,445
Median Home Value100,200

Black Or African American1,53610%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native470%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander230%
Other Race1491%
Two Or More Races2341%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma1,49213%
High School Graduate6,45257%
Associates degree9568%
Bachelors degree1,52113%
Masters degree5124%
Professional school degree1281%
Doctorate degree640%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van5,01591%
Public transportation170%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means1182%
Worked at Home3065%

Schools Close To Robert Eugene Smithers JR - Largo

Ridgecrest Elementary School

1901 119th St Largo, FL 33778 Primary/Elementary

Plato Seminole

10888 126th Ave Largo, FL 33778 Primary/Elementary

The Movement School

11000 110th Ave Largo, FL 33778 Other/Combined or Ungraded
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where does Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR live?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR currently lives at 2098 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL and has lived there for about year(s).

Q: What is Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR phone number?
A: The current phone number for Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR is a Wireless at (828) 719-7753.

Q: Does Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.

Q: What is the current email address for Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR uses the email address most recently.

Q: What other names and aliases has Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR used?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: Robert E Smithers, Robert Smithers, Rob Smithers, R Smithers, Robert Smethers, Robert Smith, Robert Eugene Smithers, Robert E Smithersjr.

Q: How old is Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR and what year were they born?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR is 49 years old and was born in 1970.

Q: Who is related to Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR is believed to be related to the following people: Teresa Jill Smithers, Cathy J Smith, Christine Smith, David A Smith, David Dain Smith, David Harrison Smith, David Harold Smith, James G Smith, Krista N Smith, Linda S Smithers.

Q: How do I find out if Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?
A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as

Q: Who are friends or associates of Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR is believed to be friends or associates with: Melinda D Allen, Phillip E Allen, Vonnie D Ivester, Lourdes Castano, Taliscia A Castano, Angela Jones Daniel, Cathy Kennedy Harris, Elizabeth Catherine Costigan, Keith F Winter, Leigh Winter Spencer

Q: Where did has Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR lived previously?
A: Mr Robert Eugene Smithers JR has lived in the following cities: Largo, FL, Acworth, GA, Saint Petersburg, FL, Fleetwood, NC, Boone, NC, Smyrna, GA, Tampa, FL, Marietta, GA, Tucker, GA, Canton, GA


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