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Maria G Sosa 34 years old

1666 Noche Buena St
Seaside CA 93955

23 more addresses found for Maria G Sosa Seaside CA:

1711 Waring St
Seaside CA 93955

April 2009 - July 2016

4257 W 55th St
Chicago IL 60632

October 2008 - July 2016

221 Carmel Ave
Marina CA 93933

August 2007 - July 2016

490 Crivello Rd
Marina CA 93933

April 2006 - July 2016

3109 Seacrest Ave
Marina CA 93933

May 2004 - July 2016

1082 Wanda Ave
Seaside CA 93955

March 2012 - December 2016

14 Meadow Ln
Hampton Falls NH 03844

February 1996 - January 2017

4118 W 77th Pl
Chicago IL 60652

June 2012 - July 2016

233 Carmel Ave
Marina CA 93933

July 2011 - December 2016

2450 Cushing St
Fort Huachuca AZ 85613

December 2010 - July 2016

13 Merrill Rd
Hampton Falls NH 03844

March 1996 - January 2017

836 W Swain Rd
Stockton CA 95207

July 2010 - August 2017

601 S Main St
Salinas CA 93901

May 2009 - July 2016

406 Great Elm Way
Acton MA 01718

July 2007 - January 2017

3109 Seacrest Ave
Marina CA 93933

October 2005 - September 2019

30 Pinnacle Rd
Newport NH 03773

January 2004 - January 2017

5 Po Box
Kittery Point ME 03905

March 1995 - January 2017

108 Pepperrell Rd
Kittery Point ME 03905

February 1995 - January 2017

1310 Funston Ave
Pacific Grove CA 93950

October 1990 - January 2017

57 Monte Vista Dr
Monterey CA 93940

May 1990 - January 2017

700 Broderick St
San Francisco CA 94117

April 1989 - January 2017

22 Bone Mill Rd
East Haddam CT 06423

December 1988 - January 2017
According to our latest records, Maria G Sosa is 34 years old and born in May 1985. Maria's phone numbers include (312) 221-0977, (831) 582-0658, (831) 747-1484. Maria's possible relatives include Walter Perez, Alejandra Sosa, Andrea Perez, Angelica Castro, Arturo Perez, Celina Perez, Dean Kenney. Maria's most recently reported address starting in Nov 2019 is 1666 Noche Buena St . Prior to that Maria lived at 1711 Waring St for less than 1 years. Other cities and locations that Maria could have lived includes Seaside,CA, Chicago,IL, Marina,CA, Hampton Falls,NH, Fort Huachuca,AZ, Stockton,CA, Salinas,CA, Acton,MA, Newport,NH, Kittery Point,ME, Pacific Grove,CA, Monterey,CA, San Francisco,CA, East Haddam,CT. We currently show as many as 23 address, 17 phones, 13 email addresses for Maria Sosa. To see all of the information including property records, possible liens, judgments, court records and much more, click here to unlock the full background report.

17 phones found for Maria G Sosa Seaside CA

(312) 221-0977

January 1970 - November 2019
Sprint Spectrum LP

(831) 582-0658

October 2015 - November 2018
Pacific Bell

(831) 747-1484

October 2011 - July 2016
AT&T Corporation

(708) 351-1225

June 2013 - December 2016
T-Mobile USA Inc

(831) 383-9118

May 2004 - December 2016
Verizon Wireless - CA

(831) 383-8391

December 2014 - December 2016
Verizon Wireless - CA

(831) 383-8118

October 2014 - August 2017
Verizon Wireless - CA

(520) 272-0093

June 2015 - April 2017
New Cingular Wireless

(831) 582-0334

June 2013 - December 2016
Pacific Bell

(312) 402-4742

January 1970 - July 2016
New Cingular Wireless - IL

(312) 672-2951

January 2004 - July 2016
Sprint Spectrum LP

(773) 884-0917

July 2016 - September 2019
Ameritech Illinois

(831) 384-0407

October 2007 - September 2019
Pacific Bell

(773) 498-4514

January 2004 - July 2016
Comcast Phone of Illinois LLC - IL

(831) 899-2182

July 2011 - September 2019
Pacific Bell

(831) 384-4441

June 2009 - December 2017
Pacific Bell

(831) 883-9076

May 2007 - July 2016
Pacific Bell

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13 emails found for Maria G Sosa - Seaside, CA:


28 aliases found for Maria G Sosa - Seaside, CA

Maria E Sosa

Esmeralda Yanez

Maria E Perez

Maria Esmeralda Perezmiguel

Maria E Sosayanez

Maria E Perez Miguel

Maria E Perezmiguel

Miguel Maria E Perez

Maria Perez

Esmeralda Perez

50 relatives found for Maria G Sosa - Seaside, CA

Walter N Perez

34 years old - Spouse

Alejandra Sosa Sosa

44 years old

Andrea M Perez

55 years old

Angelica Sosa Castro

45 years old

Arturo Alexander Perez

27 years old

Celina A Perez

26 years old

Dean Lyons Kenney

62 years old

Doris R Jones

30 years old

Edith E Sosa

42 years old

Evangelina Islas

48 years old

Evangelina Sosa

74 years old

Francisco J Sosa Yanez

33 years old

Fredy Majano

35 years old

Harry C King

91 years old

Henry J Perez

23 years old

Heriberto S Perez

83 years old

Jaime Sosa

46 years old

Jasmina Lissette Perez

31 years old

Jose O Perez

40 years old

Jose L Perez

40 years old

12 associates found for Maria G Sosa - Seaside, CA:

Joseph Santiago

35 years old

Rosa Elena Mendoza

46 years old

Jose Santiago

64 years old

Andrew P Mckeon

55 years old

Bette A Mckeon

53 years old

Jason D Orourke

44 years old

Jeremy A Peterson

39 years old

Joel M Moreno

40 years old

Joseph C Vallez

59 years old

Mary Demitro

35 years old

Patricia A Manrique

57 years old

Liza L Brown

56 years old

Background Info on Seaside,CA

Seaside is located at 36°36′40″N 121°50′41″W / 36.61111°N 121.84472°W / 36.61111; -121.84472, toward the southern end of Monterey Bay.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 9.4 square miles (24 km2), of which, 9.2 square miles (24 km2) of it is land and 0.1 square miles (0.26 km2) of it (1.48%) is water. According to the maps of the United States Geological Survey, the elevation ranges from 0 to 165 meters (0 to 541 feet).

The climate is a cool Mediterranean type, strongly influenced by the prevailing winds from the west, which blow over the Pacific Coast's cool ocean currents from Alaska. At the nearest National Weather Service Climate Station, in the City of Monterey at 385 feet elevation: The coldest month is January, with an average daily high of 15.5 °C (59.9 °F); the warmest month is September, with an average daily high of 22 °C (72 °F); the average daily low is 6 °C (43 °F) in January and 11.5 °C (52.7 °F) in September; and the average rainfall is 50 centimeters (20 inches) per year, with 90.3% falling during November through April. The weather can be much hotter when the winds blow from the east: Since 1906, there have been 11 days with a high of 37.8 °C (100.0 °F) or higher; all 11 days occurred in June, September, or October.

This region experiences warm (but not hot) and dry summers, with no average monthly temperatures above 71.6 °F. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Seaside has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, abbreviated "Csb" on climate maps.

Seaside (then called East Monterey) was laid out in 1888 by Dr. J.L.D. Roberts. The Seaside post office opened in 1891. Seaside incorporated in 1954.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Seaside,California", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsSeaside/100k peopleCalifornia/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime92267449383
Vehicle Theft72208.6425.9237.4
Property Crime5131,4862,4972,362

Land Area28 sq/miles
Water Area1 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units10,221
Median Household Income55,678
Population Density1,181 /mile
Housing Units11,017
Median Home Value367,700

Black Or African American2,7968%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native3501%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander5301%
Other Race7,64022%
Two Or More Races2,6207%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma5,25725%
High School Graduate8,81043%
Associates degree1,7598%
Bachelors degree2,94714%
Masters degree1,3146%
Professional school degree1540%
Doctorate degree1620%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van12,57080%
Public transportation1,0096%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means9506%
Worked at Home1,0276%

Schools Close To Maria G Sosa - Seaside
Seaside Middle School 999 Coe Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 Middle/Elementary
Del Rey Woods Elementary 1281 Plumas Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Highland Elementary 1650 Sonoma Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Martin Luther King 1713 Brd.way Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
George C. Marshall Elementary 300 Normandy Rd. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Ord Terrace Elementary 1755 La Salle Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
International School of Monterey 1720 Yosemite St. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Monterey Peninsula Usd Comm Day Middle School 200 Coe Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 Middle/Elementary
Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula 225 Normandy Rd. Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Central Coast High School 200 Coe Ave. Seaside, CA 93955 High/Secondary
Seaside High School 2200 Noche Buena St. Seaside, CA 93955 High/Secondary
Monterey Peninsula Unified School
Monterey Bay Christian School 1184 Hilby Ave Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary
Chartwell School 2511 Numa Watson Rd Seaside, CA 93955 Other/Combined or Ungraded
Peninsula Adventist School 1025 Mescal St Seaside, CA 93955 Primary/Elementary

Maria G Sosa - Seaside, CA - Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Maria G Sosa live?

A: Maria G Sosa currently lives at 1666 Noche Buena St, Seaside, CA and has lived there for about year(s).


What is Maria G Sosa phone number?

A: The current phone number for Maria G Sosa is a Wireless at (312) 221-0977.


Does Maria G Sosa have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.


What is the current email address for Maria G Sosa?

A: Maria G Sosa uses the esmeraldayanez17@hot email address most recently.


What other names and aliases has Maria G Sosa used?

A: Maria G Sosa was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: Maria E Sosa, Esmeralda Yanez, Maria E Perez, Maria Esmeralda Perezmiguel, Maria E Sosayanez, Maria E Perez Miguel, Maria E Perezmiguel, Miguel Maria E Perez, Maria Perez, Esmeralda Perez.


How old is Maria G Sosa and what year were they born?

A: Maria G Sosa is 34 years old and was born in 1985.


Who is related to Maria G Sosa?

A: Maria G Sosa is believed to be related to the following people: Walter N Perez, Alejandra Sosa Sosa, Andrea M Perez, Angelica Sosa Castro, Arturo Alexander Perez, Celina A Perez, Dean Lyons Kenney, Doris R Jones, Edith E Sosa, Evangelina Islas.


How do I find out if Maria G Sosa has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?

A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as


Who are friends or associates of Maria G Sosa?

A: Maria G Sosa is believed to be friends or associates with: Joseph Santiago, Rosa Elena Mendoza, Jose Santiago, Andrew P Mckeon, Bette A Mckeon, Jason D ORourke, Jeremy A Peterson, Joel M Moreno, Joseph C Vallez, Mary Demitro


Where did has Maria G Sosa lived previously?

A: Maria G Sosa has lived in the following cities: Seaside, CA, Chicago, IL, Marina, CA, Hampton Falls, NH, Fort Huachuca, AZ, Stockton, CA, Salinas, CA, Acton, MA, Newport, NH, Kittery Point, ME


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