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Kimberly A Yauman 68 years old

11970 Aebi Ave NE
Alliance OH 44601

17 more addresses found for Kimberly A Yauman Alliance OH:

24472 Manchester Trl
Punta Gorda FL 33980

May 2019 - September 2019

2456 Queensbury Rd
Alliance OH 44601

September 2005 - July 2016

2410 Brayton Ave
Alliance OH 44601

December 2002 - July 2016

2410 Brayton Ave
Alliance OH 44601

November 2004 - January 2017

728 Mill Cir
Alliance OH 44601

January 2002 - July 2016

1221 Turnbury St
Alliance OH 44601

March 2001 - July 2016

2973 Blenheim Ave
Alliance OH 44601

November 2000 - July 2016

8190 Southern Blvd
Boardman OH 44512

July 1998 - January 2017

651 Angiline Dr
Youngstown OH 44512

July 1997 - July 2016
According to our latest records, Kimberly A Yauman is 68 years old and born in Nov 1951. Kimberly's phone numbers include (330) 206-0025, (330) 821-8791, (330) 680-4686. Kimberly's possible relatives include Roger Matz, Jamie Odear, Jill Dorsey, Joseph Brady, Kim Brady, Kimberly Abid, Kimberly Lake. Kimberly's most recently reported address starting in Nov 2019 is 11970 Aebi Ave NE. Prior to that Kimberly lived at 24472 Manchester Trl for less than 1 years. Other cities and locations that Kimberly could have lived includes Alliance,OH, Punta Gorda,FL, Port Charlotte,FL, Zanesville,OH, Hoffman Estates,IL, Youngstown,OH, Boardman,OH. We currently show as many as 17 address, 7 phones, 5 email addresses for Kimberly Yauman. To see all of the information including property records, possible liens, judgments, court records and much more, click here to unlock the full background report.

7 phones found for Kimberly A Yauman Alliance OH

(330) 206-0025

September 2005 - November 2019
Verizon Wireless - OH

(330) 821-8791

September 2005 - July 2016
Ameritech Ohio

(330) 680-4686

May 2014 - July 2016
Time Warner Cable (Ohio) LLC - OH

(330) 829-9712

June 2000 - July 2016
Ameritech Ohio

(216) 821-0575

March 2016 - July 2016

(330) 726-0513

March 2016 - July 2016
Ameritech Ohio

(330) 821-0575

March 2016 - July 2016
Ameritech Ohio

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5 emails found for Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance, OH:


9 aliases found for Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance, OH

Kimberly A Brady

Kim Yauman

Kimberely A Brady

Kimberly Yauman

Kimberly Brady

Kim Brady

Kimberly A Yauman

Kimberly A Youman

Na Na

48 relatives found for Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance, OH

Roger Dean Matz

69 years old - Spouse

Jamie L Odear

48 years old

Jill S Dorsey

46 years old

Joseph William Brady

43 years old

Kim Brady

68 years old

Kimberly A Al Abid

56 years old

Kimberly A Lake

49 years old

Kimberly Yauman

Unknown Age

Larry Joseph Brady

69 years old

Na Na

Unknown Age

Ruth M Yauman

99 years old

Zachary R Yauman

41 years old

Alexa Kimber Dorsey

24 years old

Christine R King

49 years old

Courtney Lee Brady

28 years old

Craig Scott Odear

50 years old

Dale R Carrick

58 years old

Deborah J Yauman

68 years old

Debra J Dorsey

68 years old

Donald L Anderson

49 years old

17 associates found for Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance, OH:

Randall E White

52 years old

Jodie A Stratton

49 years old

Andy A Cetor

60 years old

Carrie S Rosine

52 years old

Daniel C Morgan

71 years old

Jeffrey W Mcgee

50 years old

Maggie D Mcgee

42 years old

Michael D Doctor

48 years old

Michael G Lipjanic

58 years old

David Alan Mackintosh

61 years old

Harry E Varner

62 years old

Jeannette Burton

86 years old

Jodi L Varner

62 years old

Robert J Burton

93 years old

Alfredo A Longo

49 years old

Jennifer L Graffice

Unknown Age

Background Info on Alliance,OH

Most of the city is part of the Canton–Massillon, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the small portion of the city in Mahoning County is within the Youngstown–Warren–Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Alliance was founded in 1854 by the merger of three smaller communities called Williamsport (formed in 1827), Freedom (formed in 1838), and Liberty (formed in 1850). A fourth community, Mount Union, was added in 1888. Alliance was incorporated as a city in 1889.

At April 16, 1856, Alliance was directly struck by a Tornado, doing devastating damage.

There are two popular theories regarding the origin of the city's name. One holds that it was chosen because of the "alliance" of three small settlements into a larger entity. The other theory says the name reflects the fact that two major railroad lines (the Cleveland and Wellsville Railroad and the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad) intersected in Alliance, once known as "The Crossing".

Alliance is a town where Main Street was originally laid out to bring traffic to the train station, the heart of the city's transportation hub. The railroads were central to industry and personal transportation, bringing in raw materials for factories and sending out finished goods. Due to this, Alliance is sometimes referred to as "The town where Main Street is a dead end."

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Alliance,Ohio", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsAlliance/100k peopleOhio/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime75343298383
Vehicle Theft41187.7173.7237.4
Property Crime8003,6632,4192,362

Land Area82 sq/miles
Water Area3 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units13,610
Median Household Income36,595
Population Density431 /mile
Housing Units15,367
Median Home Value91,500

Black Or African American2,5827%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native480%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander50%
Other Race1380%
Two Or More Races9152%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma3,55215%
High School Graduate14,79065%
Associates degree1,3105%
Bachelors degree1,9828%
Masters degree7213%
Professional school degree1820%
Doctorate degree1090%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van13,29393%
Public transportation790%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means4713%
Worked at Home3992%

Schools Close To Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance
Parkway Elementary School 1490 Parkway Blvd Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Alliance Early Learning School at South Lincoln 285 W Oxford St Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Alliance Middle School 3205 S Union Ave Alliance, OH 44601 Middle/Elementary
Northside Intermediate School 701 Johnson Ave Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Rockhill Elementary School 2400 S Rockhill Ave Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Knox Elementary School 2900 Knox School Rd Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Lexington Elementary School 12333 Atwater Ave NE Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Marlington Middle School 10325 Moulin Ave NE Alliance, OH 44601 Middle/Elementary
Washington Elementary School 5786 Beechwood Ave Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary
Alliance High School 400 Glamorgan St Alliance, OH 44601 High/Secondary
Marlington High School 10450 Moulin Ave NE Alliance, OH 44601 High/Secondary
Regina Coeli/St Joseph School 733 Fernwood Blvd Alliance, OH 44601 Primary/Elementary

Kimberly A Yauman - Alliance, OH - Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Ms Kimberly A Yauman live?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman currently lives at 11970 Aebi NE Ave, Alliance, OH and has lived there for about year(s).


What is Ms Kimberly A Yauman phone number?

A: The current phone number for Ms Kimberly A Yauman is a Wireless at (330) 206-0025.


Does Ms Kimberly A Yauman have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.


What is the current email address for Ms Kimberly A Yauman?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman uses the email address most recently.


What other names and aliases has Ms Kimberly A Yauman used?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: Kimberly A Brady, Kim Yauman, Kimberely A Brady, Kimberly Yauman, Kimberly Brady, Kim Brady, Kimberly A Yauman, Kimberly A Youman, Na Na.


How old is Ms Kimberly A Yauman and what year were they born?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman is 68 years old and was born in 1951.


Who is related to Ms Kimberly A Yauman?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman is believed to be related to the following people: Roger Dean Matz, Jamie L Odear, Jill S Dorsey, Joseph William Brady, Kim Brady, Kimberly A Al Abid, Kimberly A Lake, Kimberly Yauman, Larry Joseph Brady, Na Na.


How do I find out if Ms Kimberly A Yauman has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?

A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as


Who are friends or associates of Ms Kimberly A Yauman?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman is believed to be friends or associates with: Randall E White, Jodie A Stratton, Andy A Cetor, Carrie S Rosine, Daniel C Morgan, Jeffrey W Mcgee, Maggie D Mcgee, Michael D Doctor, Michael G Lipjanic, David Alan Mackintosh


Where did has Ms Kimberly A Yauman lived previously?

A: Ms Kimberly A Yauman has lived in the following cities: Alliance, OH, Punta Gorda, FL, Port Charlotte, FL, Zanesville, OH, Hoffman Estates, IL, Youngstown, OH, Boardman, OH


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