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Escarvirginia Pulido years old

1167 San Dimas Ct
Chula Vista CA 91913

5 more addresses found for Escarvirginia Pulido Chula Vista CA:

1238 Balboa Cir
Chula Vista CA 91910

February 2001 - January 2017

2874 Casey St
San Diego CA 92139

November 1998 - January 2017
According to our latest records, Escarvirginia Pulido is years old and born in Jan 1970. Escarvirginia's phone numbers include . Escarvirginia's possible relatives include Ricardo Escarcega, Virginia Escarcega, Louis Casa, Manuelita Casa, Matthew Casa, Thomas Casa, Amber Mangione. Escarvirginia's most recently reported address starting in Oct 2019 is 1167 San Dimas Ct . Prior to that Escarvirginia lived at 1238 Balboa Cir for 4 years. Other cities and locations that Escarvirginia could have lived includes Chula Vista,CA, San Diego,CA. We currently show as many as 5 address, 0 phones, 0 email addresses for Escarvirginia Pulido. To see all of the information including property records, possible liens, judgments, court records and much more, click here to unlock the full background report.

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10 aliases found for Escarvirginia Pulido - Chula Vista, CA

Virginia R Pulido

Virginia Escarcega Vr

Virginia R Pulidoescarcega

Virginia R Escarcega

Escarce V Pulido

Virginia Pulido Escarcega

Virginia Pulido Esca

Virginia Pulido Pulidoescarce

Vr Pulidoescarcega

Pulido Escarcega

50 relatives found for Escarvirginia Pulido - Chula Vista, CA

Ricardo J Escarcega

Unknown Age

Virginia R Escarcega

57 years old

Louis J Casa

65 years old

Manuelita V Casa

85 years old

Matthew T Casa

30 years old

Thomas L Casa

87 years old

Amber S Mangione

28 years old

Anne Marie Casa

31 years old

Anthony P Casa

32 years old

Charles J Brown

58 years old

Dawn F Casa

35 years old

Dennis J Herrera

58 years old

Donna A Rey

56 years old

Frank J Herrera

51 years old

Frank Mangione

62 years old

Gino L Mangione

33 years old

Jill M Brown

Unknown Age

8 associates found for Escarvirginia Pulido - Chula Vista, CA:

Louis J Casa

65 years old

Manuelita V Casa

85 years old

Thomas L Casa

87 years old

Brenda G Espinoza

39 years old

Jason V Easterling

49 years old

Kristeen Y Ronsairo

40 years old

Maria C Bagares

96 years old

Thomas Stephone Brown

55 years old

Background Info on Chula Vista,CA

Located just 7.5 miles (12.1 km) from downtown San Diego and 7.5 miles (12.1 km) from the Mexican border in the South Bay region of the metropolitan area, the city is at the center of one of the richest economic and culturally diverse zones in the United States. Chula Vista is so named because of its scenic location between the San Diego Bay and coastal mountain foothills.

Founded in the early 19th century, fast population growth has recently been observed in the city. Located in the city is one of America's few year-round United States Olympic Training centers and popular tourist destinations include Aquatica San Diego, Mattress Firm Amphitheatre, the Chula Vista marina, and the Living Coast Discovery Center.

Fossils of aquatic life, in the form of a belemnitida from the Jurassic have been found within the modern borders of Chula Vista. It is not until the Oligocene epoch that land life fossils have been found; although Eocene epoch fossils have been found in nearby Bonita. It isn't until 10,000 years ago, that human activity has been found within the modern borders of Chula Vista, primarily in Otay Valley of the San Dieguito people. The oldest site of human settlement within the modern boundaries of Chula Vista, was named Otai by the Spanish in 1769, and had been occupied as far back as 7,980 years ago. Another place where humans first settled within the modern boundaries of Chula Vista was at the Rolling Hills Site, which dates back to 7,000 years ago.

In the year 3000 BCE, people speaking the Yuman (Quechan) language began movement into the region from the Lower Colorado River Valley and southwestern Arizona portions of the Sonoran desert. Later the Kumeyaay tribe came to populate the land, on which the city sits today, who lived in the area for hundreds of years.

In the year 1542 CE, a fleet of three Spanish Empire ships commanded by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, sailed into San Diego Harbor. Early explorations by Spanish conquistadors, such as these, led to Spanish claims of the land. The historic land on which Chula Vista sits became part of the 1795 land grant known as Rancho del Rey or The King's Ranch. The land eventually was renamed Rancho de la Nación. After Mexico became independent from Spain, what is now Chula Vista became part of Alta California. Beginning in 1829, the land that is now Chula Vista was divided among Rancho Janal, Rancho Otay, Rancho de la Nación and Rancho La Punta; these were owned by José María Estudillo, José's sister Maria, John (Don Juan) Forster, and Santiago E. Argüello respectively.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Chula_Vista,California", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

Crime TypeReportedincidentsChula Vista/100k peopleCalifornia/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent Crime808298449383
Vehicle Theft761280.7425.9237.4
Property Crime3,8831,4322,4972,362

Land Area10 sq/miles
Water Area0 sq/miles
Occupied Housing Units12,133
Median Household Income84,299
Population Density4,017 /mile
Housing Units12,865
Median Home Value387,800

Black Or African American2,4065%
American Indian Or Alaskan Native1830%
Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander2840%
Other Race5,43013%
Two Or More Races2,6946%

Education LevelCountPercent
Less than High School Diploma2,48010%
High School Graduate10,08241%
Associates degree2,64410%
Bachelors degree6,45026%
Masters degree2,0298%
Professional school degree7142%
Doctorate degree1710%

Transport MethodCountPercent
Car truck or van16,88291%
Public transportation2431%
Bicycle Walked or Other Means3862%
Worked at Home7954%

Schools Close To Escarvirginia Pulido - Chula Vista
Tiffany (burton C.) Elementary 1691 Elmhurst St. Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Eastlake Elementary 1955 Hillside Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Heritage Elementary 1450 Santa Lucia Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Mcmillin (corky) Elementary 1201 Santa Cora Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Veterans Elementary 1550 Magdalena Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Hedenkamp (anne and William) Elementary 930 E. Palomar Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Wolf Canyon Elementary 1950 Wolf Canyon Loop Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary
Bonita Vista Senior High School 751 Otay Lakes Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91913 High/Secondary
Otay Ranch Senior High School 1250 Olympic Pkwy. Chula Vista, CA 91913 High/Secondary
Olympian High School 1925 Magdalena Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91913 High/Secondary
East Hills Academy 1791 Rock Mountain Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91913 High/Secondary
Mater Dei Catholic High School 1615 Mater Dei Dr Chula Vista, CA 91913 High/Secondary
Bonita Country Day School 625 Otay Lakes Road Chula Vista, CA 91913 Primary/Elementary

Escarvirginia Pulido - Chula Vista, CA - Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Escarvirginia Pulido live?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido currently lives at 1167 San Dimas Ct, Chula Vista, CA and has lived there for about year(s).


What is Escarvirginia Pulido phone number?

A: The current phone number for Escarvirginia Pulido is a at .


Does Escarvirginia Pulido have any social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

A: It is entirely possible, but a Full Background Report from PeopleFinders would be required to find out.


What is the current email address for Escarvirginia Pulido?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido uses the email address most recently.


What other names and aliases has Escarvirginia Pulido used?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido was likely associated with the following alternate names or aliases: Virginia R Pulido, Virginia Escarcega Vr, Virginia R Pulidoescarcega, Virginia R Escarcega, Escarce V Pulido, Virginia Pulido Escarcega, Virginia Pulido Esca, Virginia Pulido Pulidoescarce, Vr Pulidoescarcega, Pulido Escarcega.


How old is Escarvirginia Pulido and what year were they born?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido is years old and was born in 1970.


Who is related to Escarvirginia Pulido?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido is believed to be related to the following people: Ricardo J Escarcega, Virginia R Escarcega, Louis J Casa, Manuelita V Casa, Matthew T Casa, Thomas L Casa, Amber S Mangione, Anne Marie Casa, Anthony P Casa, Carrie Christine Gallagher.


How do I find out if Escarvirginia Pulido has a criminal record, bankruptcies, liens, judgements or other court actions taken against them?

A: The best way to find out criminal, court or other financial information is with a complete background check through a website such as


Who are friends or associates of Escarvirginia Pulido?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido is believed to be friends or associates with: Louis J Casa, Manuelita V Casa, Thomas L Casa, Brenda G Espinoza, Jason V Easterling, Kristeen Y Ronsairo, Maria C Bagares, Thomas Stephone Brown


Where did has Escarvirginia Pulido lived previously?

A: Escarvirginia Pulido has lived in the following cities: Chula Vista, CA, San Diego, CA


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