Smart Background Checks - Free Covid-19 Contact Trace Tool

As the U.S. (and the world) continues to go through the COVID-19 pandemic, technological solutions offer hope of getting society back to normal sooner. SmartBackgroundChecks is offering a free COVID-19 Contact Trace tool that can help first responders and local agencies quickly locate and contact people potentially exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

2,200 Data sources for smart background checks


With thousands of sources of data, we can provide the most accurate and up to date information available.

800 million people available for background check


We have hundreds of millions of records available, spanning nearly 30 years of public records.

Millions of searches every day


Every day we process millions of reverse name, address and phone searches

Where Do Our Search Results Come From?

There are billions of public records for hundreds of millions of adults in the United States, including phone numbers and other contact information. Smart Background Checks has access to all of this data in real-time, and for free. There are no charges, service fees or other expenses to use our data for COVID-19 Contact Trace activities. If you need it, you can locate deeper background info about people, including people they’re likely to be related to and other known associates.

How to Use Our Free COVID-19 Contact Trace Tool

Much of the effort associated with COVID-19 Contact Tracing is finding current contact information for people quickly. With our free search tools, researchers, tracers, medical professionals and local authorities can easily enter a person's name, address or phone number, and SmartBackgroundChecks will help locate the individual.

  • Find the name of the person by their phone number - Reverse Phone Search
  • Locate current and historical address information
  • Determine known relatives, associates and co-workers for someone who may be exposed to COVID-19
  • See phone numbers and email addresses
  • Quickly connect to individuals potentially infected with COVID-19
Start contact tracing today by entering a name, address or phone number in the search fields above. To narrow down your results faster, be sure to enter as much information as you can, including city and state. Then, Smart Background Checks will get to work gathering all the information you need to contact people who may have been exposed to the virus.